March 3rd, 2015

Spend Spend Spend


Jayne will be appearing in The Union Theatre’s revival of the British musical Spend Spend Spend, which features book and lyrics by Steve Brown and Justin Greene with music by Steve Brown, running from 25 March to 18 April 2015, with an official opening on 28 March 2015.

Directed by Christian Durham, it will be produced by Sasha Regan, with musical direction by Inga Davis-Rutter and choreography by Heather Douglas.

Casting: Julie Armstrong (Old Viv), Katy Dean(Young Viv), David Haydn (George), Kerry Whiteside(Mother), James Lyne (Keith), Tom Brandon (Matt), Charlie Johnson, Jayne Ashley, Christina Meehan, April Sullivan, Sally Frith, Xandy Champken, Adam Colbeck-Dunn, Stuart Simons and Oliver Jacobson.


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